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Strength Training | Personal Trainer Berlin

Strength Training In Berlin

Invest in a significant contribution to your health protection


  • Muscle development and body shaping
  • Enhancing your physical performance and body perception
  • Improved synergetic effects for your metabolism and immune system
  • Reduction of body fat and increase in bone density
  • Preventing injury, protection of your back and joints
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Our trainers are professional highly trained partners for each of our clients in every aspect of sports. We always design individual, goal oriented workout plans and personally coach you during the execution of your training.
Strength is the abilityto counter external resistance through a functional interaction of your nervous system and muscles. During each of our motions there is a resistance at work so that even in our every day lifes a minimum amount of strength plays an important role. Your muscles stabilize your spine and other joints in their anatomic form and protect them from straining them. Additionally, your muscles increase your basic metabolic rate and actively help you to shed weight.

Fat reduction is best attained by a whole body workout that engages many large muscle groups. For example while you do kettlebell swings your legs, glutes and back all work simultaneously. Because of the dynamic motion your athletisism, musle structure and posture improve holistically.

Body shaping appeals to everybody after a basic training. Specific muscle development always requires an individual selection of training exercises. We support you to learn a technically clean execution of these motions so that in the end exactly those muscles grow that are supposed to grow.

Of course, strength training is a basic requirement for the majority of competitive sports. Especially compound movements with barbells like the “clean” improve your explosive and maximum power. Plyometric training on the other hand enhances your reactive power and springiness. Based on the specific type of sport we consider it’s specific movement patterns to achieve an optimal transfer for the actual motion.


Because every client is different, our knowledge about strength training and differentiated workout planning leads you to more success in less time.

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