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Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

Train with your friends, family, or work colleagues in a small group, here in BERLIN

You don’t want to work out on your own but rather like to complete a highly effective training with your mate or a friend at lower costs?

Then our small group training will surely give you enjoyment and variety amongst like-minded people. We offer you the versatile small group training for up to five people.

Where does the small group training take place?

You can choose whether you want to train in your garden, a nearby park, forest or another place of your preference.

Why is the small group training limited to five people?

We focus on the best and most effective resistance exercises during the workout. Nobody is to be excluded or neglected. This is why we can provide you with the highest level of care during the workout.

When and how often do the training sessions take place?

When and how often you want to work out is decided by you and your group. Regardless if you are a beginner or an intermediate, for the best results we recommend two to three training sessions per week.

What do these sessions consist of?

This depends on your personal constitution and previously discussed goals. A session could consist of a 60-minute core training with elements from Pilates, a full body workout or compound resistance exercises. In any case, the training will be scaled specifically to your personal fitness level and different variations will be presented to you for each exercise.

What do you need?

  • Comfortable and for the weather appropriate sportswear
  • Sufficient hydration
  • A yoga or aerobic mat
  • A towel

How much does the training cost?

Depending on the number of participants the price for one session varies between 30,00 and 40,00 EUR per person.

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