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Professional Ethics | Personal Trainer Berlin

Our professional ethics by Berlin Personal Training

Our standards as personal trainers / ethics and quality criteria

The health and fitness industry offers a wide range of variety in more or less meaningful areas of service.
Unfortunately, many providers do not offer the proper integrity, capability and competence they simulate at first glance.

The true ability of these so called „personal trainers“ is difficult to recognize in the beginning by most people and presents itself most often after taking a closer look.
Do not commit to unprofessional, self-appointed “experts”!

Your health is your most valuable asset and could take damage by inadequate expertise! Unfortunately, nowadays everyone can get a coaching certificate just by attending a weekend seminar. A fancy developed website combined with the presentation of a charismatic manner can often times delude individuals into believing that professional coaching with sufficient personal training experience is a guarantee.
Yet, who really believes that long-term health and fitness solutions can be attained without a trainer who had the expertise, knowledge and is up-to date with valid scientific data?If yes, you could sign up your body for an experiment. We do not recommend that.

We firmly believe that one can only experience lasting success in the fitness and healthcare industry if honesty, transparency and competence are provided without restriction. It would be difficult to assist clients if the trainer has not experienced maximum performance on a qualitative level for themselves.

We guarantee the highest quality and leading-edge knowledge because our multi-professional team is exclusively consists of personal trainer with qualifications and credentials that meet the national and international standards of state qualified institutions.

Therefore, they must have concluded or attained professional training or an university degree with health or sports science as their major. In addition, all of our personal trainer have a professional sports background and possess a wide range of expertise on comprehensive exercises and training knowledge in sports practice.

All of our team members are committed to further educate themselves to stay up-to date on the newest findings in research. We will communicate all the advantages, potential detriments and limits of our training methods concerning your goals and desires. Thereby, we always respect your personal needs and we will show you new ways to success.

As transparent and passionate as our work is, it cannot replace medical assistance or physiotherapeutic measures. We are aware of our responsibility towards you and we are therefore committed to offer the highest quality of personal training. A detailed health check precedes our work at all times.

Independently of these personal training standards, we will frequently communicate with transparency and clarity the various aspects of your personal goals and possibilities. We will always act according to your best interest!

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