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Matthias John | Personal Trainer Berlin

Matthias John

Personal Trainer

Being successful, giving everything he has and to always expand his personal limits has been Matthias’s motivation for peak performance. This is what allowed him to win numerous championships as a swimmer and track athlete.

Internationally, Matthias excelled as a track cyclist. Two world medals (bronze, silver) two European championships and many German Championships only show a small fraction of his actual world class achievements.

Nevertheless, Matthias’ expertise as a personal trainer does not just originate from practical experience and theoretical knowledge. College training, in the area of sports science, becoming a sports teacher and completing a master in high performance sports enables him to create a goal oriented, highly effective training regiment specifically designed for you.

Benefit from his over twenty years experience in sports. Regardless of what your personal goals may look like, it will be absolutely worth it. Matthias will professionally assist and support you with the newest knowledge and updates of sports science. His signature strengths are his versatility and the demonstration of joy and passion about the exercises.

Matthias provides his clients with training to improve their performance as well as technique in the following areas:

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