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Functional Training and Sports

Functional Training

Functional Training
  • Strengthens problem zones such as belly and back muscles in particular
  • Activation and stabilization of formfitting motion sequence
  • Trains intra and intramuscular coordination
  • Trains entire muscle chain and not the muscle individually in an isolated manner

In today’s competitive sports and exercise testing functional training has established itself as a firm component in various forms of training. Here, it is not solely about strength increase but rather about the improvement of performance and to prevent possible injuries.

and Mobility Training...

Functional training is therefore a very purposeful training, which is not comparable with strength training at traditional devices. To a large extent, complex motions sequence which claims several joints and muscle groups, are implemented. This helps your fitness to attain new levels of efficiency, balance and quality.

An effective training consists of small aids like gymnastics balls, a balance trainer and medicine balls. As previously mentioned, no machines are used, but specific motion sequences are exercised. All exercises provide for a balanced fitness and repair individual weaknesses in the workouts.

The training results will show joint stability, injury prophylaxis, complex movement sample, improved speed, coordination and endurance.
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Functional Training / Mobility Training
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