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Your advantages summarized:
  • Perfect balance for everyday life and work stress
  • Combines functional training with varied boxing training
  • Have fun with the dynamics, agility, and explosiveness in exercising
  • Targeted training of elements of kick-boxing while remaining injury-free
  • Diaphoretic, unique, and all this in only one complex form of training
Please note in advance:

We would love to mentor and train you in fitness boxing, but do not offer training for competition.

Fitness boxing is not just a new trend sport from the USA, but is a light and lively training method linked to the sport of boxing. In the olden times, boxing was a showdown between counterparts in the ring. It is one of the oldest types of competitions of mankind.

Fitness boxing does not involve KO punches, but is another approach to martial arts.

Whether you are a man or a woman, our goal is to challenge your overall physical development and fitness in new and complex ways.

Body and mind are in the foreground throughout the whole workout. Feel how the synergistic movement intervals combine with coordination and agility. Concentrating on these dynamics helps you to forget your daily work load and focus on your body.

After a warm-up, we work on a combination of technical exercises, targeted punch pad training, and various fitness exercises.

The boxing training with our personal trainers will provide a high degree of variety, lots of fun, and tailor your work out to your particular level of fitness, ability, and desired training intensity.

This allows us to reduce chances of common fight-sports injuries and counteract general stress factors.

All of our exercises are highly effective, tried and tested to serve your fitness goals.

Make sure you get optimum fitness results with a high motivation factor for your daily life!

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