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Fascial Training | Personal Trainer Berlin

Fascia Training And Fitness In Berlin

Results and advantages through fascia training:
  • Improves your athleticism and physical posture
  • Loosens your hardened connective tissue and musculature permanently
  • Enhances performance and resilience in sports and everyday life
  • Fascia fitness gives room for muscle growth
  • You will achieve versatility and effective movement quality
Latest Scientific Research

It is scientifically proven that chronic pain is frequently the result of a thickened fascia tissue which indicates changed structures
People who want to improve their fitness, achieve A-class sports performance or who want to simply increase the capacity of their tendons and ligaments will be a perfect match to fascia training as well as individuals whose goal it is to actively proceed against possible everyday pain.

Through fascia training, our muscles and organs are holistically enclosed like a net and thereby have to master various functions independently. Newest research findings showed that the power transmission and musculature efficiency strongly depends on fascia quality and their fitness.

In addition, the effectiveness of our body awareness and immune system are closely related to the training of connective tissue. Thanks to specific and varied techniques in personal training which enables the release of tension/ tenseness and energy blockades, prevention of muscle injuries and an enhanced capacity to perform are direct results. Therefore, is fascia training the ideal addition to strength, fitness and muscle training.

We would offer workshops and seminars on topics like faszien training for your company or your professional sports team /club team as well.

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