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Anne Schilling | Personal Trainer Berlin

Anne Schilling

Personal Trainer

Anne earned the prestigious title as a world class bodybuilder in the body fitness class in countless competitions. Due to various highly acclaimed international rankings and winning the German Championships twice, she established herself quickly as one of the best athletes in the world.

By being a fitness model that has been offered plenty job opportunities, Anne proved that women can have a significant impact in this sport which is primarily dominated by men. Anne likes to demonstrate her muscles in ways to show the individuality of expressing her body’s uniqueness and to stress her femininity. At first glance it is astounding that Anne used to be a chubby young lady before she started with fitness sports.

However, through determination, motivation and the right “know how” in training and nutrition plan, she proved that anybody can turn into a great athlete in the area of fitness sports.

Along with personal experience, Anne’s knowledge is based on the latest scientific findings. As a nutritional expert, lecturer and licensed fitness coach, she always receives invitations for conventions and a variety of events.

Anne is working as a very successful personal trainer since 2008. Since then, she was able to work and impact the life’s of many clients who could benefit from her wide range of knowledge and experience. One of her greatest personal assets lies in communication.

If it is through motivation, placing demands, empathy or for clarifications, Anne quickly establishes rapport and creates an environment of trust. She is always concerned about the wellbeing of her clients. Whether they want to improve the aesthetic standard of their body, increase performance or to enhance and sustain their health.

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