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Stand Up Paddeling

Stand Up Paddling in Berlin

Only for you:
  • Perfect balance to enhance experiences with work and recreation
  • Unites coordinative strength exercises with the sense of balance
  • Easy and quick to learn and well suited for corporate events in summer
  • Individual support and suitable for any training level

Do you love to be in nature? Are you a water enthusiast who wants to exercise holistically?

Then SUP is the sport for you!

This new water sport trend from Hawaii can be described as a mix of surfing and canoeing, without wind and waves. SUP can be done on all water surfaces, and is a perfect fitness workout for the whole body, and is suitable for all ages.

To SUP, you stand on a platform similar to a surfboard, and move through the water using a single-bladed paddle. During this movement, you train your coordination, balance, upper body muscles, abdomen, back, legs, and posture, all at the same time. SUP is also suitable as an endurance sport when traveling long distances, and can, as a very joint-gentle sport, relax tense neck and shoulder muscles. At the same time, paddling in the great outdoors is wonderfully relaxing and helps you to forget the stress of everyday life.

At your request, we are happy to arrange individual offers and can also accommodate larger groups. SUP is an excellent common experience for teammates, friends, family, etc.

Pricing information available upon request. Price varies depending on number of hours and location.

Come join us and enjoy the surroundings of Berlin from a new point of view!

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