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Cycling And Technique Training | Personal Trainer Berlin

Cycling And Technique Training in Berlin

Cycling And Technique Training With A Personal Trainer
Cycling has various facets. It rarely is just a means of transportation. It can also be a way of life and a true statement for a healthy and active lifestyle. It can play an important part of experiencing the joy of movement and evokes positive emotions.

Therefore cycling is not only an outdoor sport as well as a healthy cardio vascular training but it also promotes a sense of community; it will let you feel the rush of speed and offers you to experience yet untapped great moments. Hereby note that your present level of performance is not relevant.

After our careers as professional cycling athletes ended, we attained college degrees in sports science and personal training. That is how we became experts in the area of cycling and we can offer you the overall service whether or not you are ambitious about athletics, or if you do it simply for the fun of it.

Independent of the choice of your training, it is specifically designed to meet your needs. Our training can meet well recognized sports scientific and methodical standards as well as didactical requirements. We want you to be satisfied! If you have any questions, please get in contact with us! We would be like to make you an individual offer which suites your best interests.

This is part of our service to you:

1. Guided training sessions, cycling tours or excursions with you or your group.
• Enjoy nature on hidden insider tracks across the country
• Our holistic and professional service will meet your individual desires.

2. Preparations as well as guidance and support for public races like the Garmin Velothon Berlin, Hamburg Vattenfall Cyclassics or the Ötzthaler Cycling marathon.
• We design an individual training for you to turn your participation into an unforgettable event.

3. Organized cycling tours in Germany and all over the world
• Through our global network we can offer you training camps, cycling tours or team events to the most attractive destinations at really favorable conditions.

4. Technique training for beginners and intermediates
• Enhance your bike skills and gain more safety on public roads in the terrain.

5. Measurement and analyzes of physical condition is the foundation to set up individual bike settings as well as the optimal seat positions.
• Through the improved force transmission and aerodynamics, a higher efficiency and an immense increase in comfort during the cycling will be achieved.

6. Most advance training regiment derived from competitive sports and will adjust your individual goals.
7. Training concept is organized and guided by an internationally acclaimed trainer who can spot little mistakes from early on and assists you in correcting those.

8. Performance diagnostics to determine you present level of performance is the essential starting point to determine your individual long- term training process – requirement for optimal training progress.

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